Smart Card Access


Smart Choice Communications

Smart Choice knows the importance of safeguarding your sensitive and private company data, while ensuring your employees and assets are protected. Smart Card Access lets you authorize or revoke physical access to secured spaces within an office or building. SCC’s Smart Card Access solutions leverage the power of the cloud and today’s latest technology, making your spaces safe and convenient while providing a modern feel. Companies in legal, retail, finance and other industries can benefit, as business can be compromised if certain assets are accessed by unauthorized individuals.


Features Include:

  • Keyless entry to your secured spaces using traditional access cards, fobs, biometrics or smartphonebased credentials
  • Provide a Safe Environment for Employees, Visitors and Contractors
  • Building-provided access card can be integrated for convenient entry 
  • Enhance the safety of your office environment, and reduce lock cylinder replacement and rekeying expenses associated with traditional mechanical locks
  • Security Video Integration
  • 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and support
  • Real time firmware and software updates are continuously performed to keep equipment up to date
  • Real-time backup of all card data, card event history and user photos
  • SCC partners with leading manufacturers of non-proprietary solutions, such as Mercury and Avigilon, and follows all installation and support standards.